What is Herb Shooter ?

What is Herb Shooter ?

Herb Shooter is a compact funnel-shaped pill size solution made from 100% natural potato starch, has zero calories and no taste! It easily masks the often-bitter taste and textures of herbs and spices, and its compact funnel shape makes it easy to take any mix of natural herbs and spices with no worry of a mess or bitter taste. Herb Shooter is made in Japan and been part of the Japanese health diet for thousands of years.

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  • Vegan & Natural

    Made of ultra-thin edible potato starch, Herb Shooter is Gluten-free, No GMO. "0" Calories.

  • No After Taste

    Herb Shooter will Mask the flavors and textures of bitter herbs and spices. Swallow with water quick & efficient.

  • Health Mix

    Buy quality fresh spices & herbs in bulk. Mix any combination and quantity per your health needs.

  • No Excipients

    No Animal Gelatin, fillers, Coating & Glazing, Preservatives, Binders and "Other Ingredients" all used in capsules.

Create your Magic Pill

Create your Magic Pill

Custom mix quality and fresh herbs and spices into the Herb Shooter, drink with water! No more cooking herbs and spices, no more after taste or expensive capsule. Take your Herb Shooter in your pocket for sports, work, and travel. Easy, peesy, Japanesy

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How to Take Herb Shooter

How to Take Herb Shooter

Place any herbs and spices within the Herb Shooter.

Twist Herb Shooter top and swallow with water.  

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Why Herb Shooter

Why Herb Shooter

Customize to meet your Needs:

Scientists and herbalist are always discovering new herbs and spices mixes to help cure or remedy diseases. With Herb Shooter you can keep up with these new health findings. Everyone is different, adjust the quantity and mix per your health needs.

Take control of your Health:

Many companies try and cut corners by using cheap synthetic herbs and spices to fill their capsules. Source your own quality herbs and spices, and take control of what you put in your body.

Healthy alternative without sacrificing taste:

"Bitter is Better"! Herb Shooter will mask the often sharp and bitter taste of herbs and spices, so you can take them with water, coffee, tea.

Multivitamins Re-Invented:

Make your own blend of Anti-Inflammatory "Turmeric", Anti-Oxidant  "Ginger", Anti-Aging "Spirulina", Cholesterol Support "Cinnamon", Weight Loss "Garcinia Cambogia" and Anti Stress: "Cumin", 

All in One Shoot

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Life Saving Work

Life Saving Work

Herb Shooter will donate a portion of its profit to the people who need them the most. Learn More about how Doctors Without Borders, brings crucial medical humanitarian emergencies around the globe. 

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